Wholesale Grocery Distribution

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A preliminary design of a new high-cube warehouse exceeded the available budget and was missing important details.  Help was needed to refine the plan while reducing the cost of the project.

Project Objective

A wholesale grocery distributor had outgrown it’s previous multi-story facilities and leased a newly-constructed high-cube warehouse. Although a preliminary design had been completed by a consultant, the client felt it needed additional assistance on the project.  The initial design was outside of the estimated budget, and details such as elevations and profiling had not been developed at all.  A floor plan and storage redesign was needed to achieve cost savings without sacrificing the other objectives of increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing order picking costs, and providing high density storage.


 Project Scope

The scope of this project included refining the work done by a consultant and developing elevations and profiles of the storage systems.  This included a redesign of the dry storage areas and complete design of the freezer and cooler areas.  DAK Equipment & Engineering supplied all equipment, coordinated and performed all installation, and provided additional advice on stock locations, order picking routes, and freezer and cooler construction. The move schedule required installation at a union worksite with a non-union installation crew, which was accomplished by working closely with the building contractor. The customer required design changes midway through the project which were accommodated.  Additional racking systems were ordered upon completion of the primary project.


Project Data

Distribution Center for Wholesale Grocery Industry

Building Square Feet:              100,000
Selective Pallet Positions:       3,424
Push Back Pallet Positions:     1,152
Carton Flow Lanes:                  1,890
Total Pick Faces:                      5,698

Solutions Used:
  • Interlake Selective Rack System
  • Interlake 3 deep Push Back Rack System
  • Nashville Wire Deck
  • Unex Span-Track Carton Flow
  • Guard rail to protect all row ends


Built by Clique Studios