Could a Mini-Veyor be the Conveyor Systems Your Chicago Warehouse Needs?

Conveyor systems are great for many applications. They help you move products through your warehouse, efficiently moving them from point A to point B. More warehouses are automating their material handling, and conveyor systems are a primary way this is happening. But sometimes a full-sized warehouse is more than you need, or smaller items get lost on the vast belted carriers. In these instances, your Chicago warehouse might want to consider a Mini-Veyor.

Mini-Veyors are smaller conveyor systems made especially to handle small parts. They are a great solution for warehouses that are tight on space but need a conveyor solution. It has a very narrow profile that measures a mere 2.5” so it can get into hard-to-reach places that might be more difficult for your human workers to get to. The Mini-Veyors don’t come with any stands or electrical controls, but both of these items can be easily added to complete the system to your needs.

DAK Equipment offers several mini-veyor options on our website. You’ll find these small conveyor systems from 7” to 25” bed lengths and with widths up to 24”. They come in 5’ base lengths but additional feet can be purchased online so you can get exactly the setup you need to maximize efficiency for your warehouse operations.

Order a mini-veyor conveyor system for your Chicago warehouse from DAK Equipment and Engineering today! You can call us to place an order or purchase through our online catalog. We’ll get the conveyor systems that you need to your warehouse right away!

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