How to Choose the Right Chicago Industrial Conveyor Systems

DAK Equipment offers Chicago industrial conveyor systems of all shapes and sizes. When a company decides that they need to improve their productivity, reduce travel time, and upgrade their materials handling systems, often the best solution is to install one of our conveyor systems. There are many systems to choose from, and we’ll look at factors like these in order to help you find the right one:

  • Where you are moving products. This will help us determine the length of industrial conveyor systems you’ll need in your Chicago warehouse, which can impact the type and design as well.
  • What you are moving. There are conveyor systems made for small items, shipping boxes, and even pallets. We’ll look at what you need to move and determine the best system to get it there.
  • What your power requirements are. Many warehouses utilize non-powered conveyor systems that use rollers and gravity to move items along. We’ll see if this is a good solution for you, or if you should consider a belt-powered system instead.
  • How many orders and how much product you process a day. The volume and weight of the items traveling on your industrial convey systems will determine what kind of system is right for your space.

Once the DAK Equipment team determines the answers to each of these factors, we’ll get to work  on designing, installing, implementing and training your team on your new system. You’ll be amazed at how an affordable investment in your warehouse can make such a huge difference in your overall output. Call us today to learn more about our Chicago industrial conveyor systems.

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