Should You Integrate Dynamic Batch Picking in your Warehouse?

When it comes to processing orders in your warehouse, eliminating the distance your team needs to cover can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to fulfill an order. One method that many warehouses in the Chicago area are successfully implementing is the dynamic batch picking system. This system involves picking multiple orders at the same time, picking items from nearby bins for different orders and shortening the distance covered for every order. The problem with a dynamic batch picking system is that it can be difficult to integrate with conveyor systems since the multiple orders are typically sorted into carts.

If batch picking appeals to you but your warehouse is too small to handle multiple carts in the aisles, consider wave picking. Wave picking works similarly to a dynamic batch pick, but the items can be sorted onto conveyor systems and sorted out by a separate team down the line. This gives you all the convenience of dynamic batch picking while eliminating the need for carts or move merchandise more than is necessary to get it out the door.

Chicago warehouses that are looking for ways to boost their productivity should consider integrating one of these two methods. If you aren’t sure which pick method is right for your space, talk to one of the DAK engineers. Our engineers, project managers and warehouse design teams have been working with businesses like yours for years to discover new solutions to age-old problems like how to get more orders out the door every day. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and to find the picking and conveyor systems that are right for you!

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