The Advantages of Overhead Conveyor Systems

DAK Equipment has helped many Chicago-area warehouses install conveyor systems that help them move products faster and fulfill orders more efficiently. For some of our customers, though, there are unable to install the conveyor system that they want because they just don’t have the floor space for it. Most of the time our warehouse design experts can help you configure your space to make room for the conveyor system that you need without sacrificing storage space, but it’s not always possible. In those instances, an overhead conveyor system may be the best solution for your Chicago warehouse. The advantages can be many:

  • You won’t have to give up your floor space. Lift systems run across the ceiling, so you won’t be crossing worker’s paths or need to move much shelving to make the system work.
  • They are highly versatile. Whether you need to go around corners or travel long distances, these systems can follow the path you need them to take without much rearranging or construction.
  • They are easy to operate. If your team has worked with conveyor systems in the past, an overhead system will feel natural to them in no time.

If you are interested in learning more about overhead systems and whether or not they are right for your Chicago warehouse, give our project managers a call today. We’ll help you determine the best materials handling systems for your warehouse and then help you get them installed in no time. You can call us on the phone or contact us through our website to get started.

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