Why Your Chicago Warehouse Might Want to Use Plastic Industrial Shelving

When you think about industrial shelving, you probably think about heavy-duty metal shelves. While still one of the most popular options for many warehouses in the area, metal isn’t your only option for your Chicago-area warehouse. Many warehouses are discovering that plastic shelving offers many advantages to their warehouse, their products, and their employees. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from plastic industrial shelving from DAK Equipment:

  • It’s lightweight. Unlike metal shelving, our plastic shelving is light enough that almost anyone can move it when necessary. That means if you have a warehouse space that needs to reset its layout frequently, plastic shelving may allow you to do the job faster and more efficiently than steel shelving.
  • It’s resistant. Plastic shelving won’t rust and it’s resistant to many chemicals if they are spilled. The plastic surface can be easier to clean than metal grating.
  • It’s affordable. Plastic shelving can be extremely affordable, especially when purchased in bulk quantities. You may be able to fit your warehouse with more shelving while staying within your budget.

There are disadvantages, too. Plastic shelving often cannot bear the same amount of weight as metal shelving. The option that’s best for your Chicago warehouse will depend on what you are storing on your industrial shelves and how your warehouse is set up. If you have questions about plastic industrial shelving and want to see if it could be the right choice for your warehouse, contact our team today. We’ll help you determine what shelving is right for you and help you place an order right away.

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