Choose the Chicago Mezzanine Deck That’s Right for You

Not all mezzanines are alike! If you’ve decided that a Chicago mezzanine deck is right for your warehouse, give the DAK Equipment team a call. We can help you choose the system that’s right for you. Two of the most popular options for mezzanine decks include:

  • Shelving-supported mezzanines. These decks have shelving units underneath holding them up. Great when you need extra floor space without losing your storage capacity.
  • Structural mezzanines. These systems have their own support and are the most popular mezzanine choice. The space under the mezzanine is open, so it offers plenty of flexibility when deciding how to utilize it best.

Which type you choose will depend on factors such as what you want to use the mezzanine for, the layout of your warehouse, and the size and weight of the products you are working with in your Chicago warehouse. Our DAK Equipment project manager can help you determine which system is right for you, then make sure you are getting the proper size and set up for your space. Our installation team can even come and install the mezzanine deck for you!

This is a great way to bring more space to your warehouse without an expensive addition. If you have questions about our Chicago mezzanine decking or would like to learn more about the space-saving options available for your warehouse, get in touch with us today. Call the DAK Equipment team or contact us through our website and we’ll get you the information you need on top-quality Chicago mezzanine decks.

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