One Great Modular Office, Many Great Uses

Many of our clients use the modular offices that we install as an office space for their management and administrative teams. Others use them for a breakroom. Still others use our Chicago modular offices as an inspection site for products. One company that we worked with, though, decided to use the modular office structure we installed in their warehouse for all three. Here is how they did it:

  • The company started working with our project managers and told them that they needed a modular office that could be used as an office, a break room, and as a place to inspect products prior to shipment.
  • Our team took their wishlist along with the dimensions of their space and made a plan that would accommodate all three needs.
  • One the company approved the plan, the DAK Equipment team installed the new modular office on site.

Today, the company has a gorgeous structure inside of their warehouse that’s made to meet all of their needs. Each area is separate¬†while the inspection area has open sides to facilitate movement and communication with the warehouse floor. The structure is attractive, well-lit, and a perfect addition to their warehouse needs.

If you need to find solutions to your space needs, give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We’ll work with you to design one of our Chicago modular offices for your space or find the other solutions that you need. Give us a call or contact us through our website today for more information and to learn about all of our great services.

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