How Long Conveyor Systems Can Last

When you invest in conveyor systems for your warehouse, you want to make sure that the system that you purchase does the following things:

  • Meets the immediate needs of your warehouse
  • Can be expanded to meet the future needs of your warehouse
  • Will last as long as possible

Most conveyor systems are made to fulfill all three of these goals, especially if you work with a knowledgeable materials handling expert on your purchase. They can help you identify the problem areas, find the conveyor system that works for your space, and will ensure you can add onto the system in the future if you need to.

But it will be an investment for your warehouse, so how do you make sure your conveyor systems last as long as possible? With the right maintenance. Maintaining your conveyor system will actually help extend it’s life so you get more use out of it. With the right maintenance, you should be able to use your conveyor systems for years and years, only making minor repairs and upgrades along the way. Maintenance should include:

  • Daily reporting of any issues found with the system
  • Weekly inspections
  • Replacement of worn or old parts before they break
  • Keeping the system free from dirt and debris

These simply steps should help keep your conveyor running smoothly. Have questions about how to install, maintain, repair or replace a conveyor system in your warehouse? Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We’ll help you get the system that you need and make sure it continues to run perfectly for years to come.

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