Must Have Accessories for Industrial Conveyor Systems

2 Tier Shelving with industrial conveyor systems from DAKYour industrial conveyor systems can be so much more than a simple path guiding product through your warehouse! You can configure your industrial conveyor systems to do a lot when you have the right accessories. Here are a few must-have accessories you should consider adding on to your conveyor systems:

  • Gravity chutes. If you need to get items down from one level to another in your warehouse, gravity chutes are a great addition. Spiral chutes take up less floor space than a traditional angled conveyor, though they won’t handle merchandise as gently. Gravity chutes are fast and relatively easy to add onto your existed system, or can be used on their own.
  • Belt cleats. These simple spacers help move smaller items up an incline on your conveyor belt, keeping the items in place and minimizing the risk of roll-off or damaging materials. Easy to install, but must be used with small items only.
  • Belt cleaners. Debris is the primary cause of conveyor systems going down or breaking. A belt cleaner can keep your system free from debris and cut down on maintenance needs.

What accessories you need will depend largely on what you are using your industrial conveyor system to do. You can talk to a DAK Equipment & Engineering representative to determine which items are best for your needs. We carry many of these items in stock and ready to ship to your location! Get in touch with us today for more information on these or any other conveyor system accessories you need!

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