Quick Daily Tasks to Keep Your Conveyor Systems Running

dreamstime_xxl_37265311One of the best things that you can do for your warehouse equipment is maintenance. Whether it’s daily, monthly, or annual maintenance, giving your equipment a little check-up can help you head off problems before they start and keep your equipment in proper working order. This is especially true of your conveyor systems. While your conveyor probably gets daily use, if it doesn’t get some kind of daily maintenance, you could be wearing out the system sooner and be facing the cost of replacement more often. Fortunately, there are some easy things that you can do to help ensure you get the most life out of your conveyor system.


Daily Maintenance for Your Conveyor


Clean off the belt or rollers.

The belt on a powered conveyor and the rollers on a non-powered conveyor are really the workhorses of your system. They take the most impact and get the most use out of any other area of your conveyor. Keeping them clear of dirt and debris can keep them rolling along for much longer.


Clean the area around the conveyor.

Don’t neglect the area around your conveyor, either. Keeping the space around your conveyor system free from hazards can help prevent accidents that damage your conveyor systems. Don’t allow the space around your conveyor to become a convenient storage space in your warehouse.


Listen for strange noises.

Ask your team to keep an ear open for any strange noises occurring when they use the conveyor system. A strange noise could be the first indication of a mechanical failure that might result in costly delays in your warehouse.


Report any malfunctions immediately.

If your team experiences any issues with the conveyor in your warehouse, have them report it to you immediately. The sooner you can address issues with your conveyor system, the sooner you can get them fixed and avoid more expensive repairs down the road.


Look for worn parts.

Give your conveyor system a daily once-over to look for any parts or pieces that might be getting old. These parts should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid wear and tear on the system.


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