Why Conveyor Systems Are a $10 Billion Market

ResearchMoz, a market research company, recently released a report that the conveyor systems market in the United States would reach $10 billion by 2019. The report cites the “growing complexity in the supply chain process with regards to transportation and handling of materials in manufacturing and mining industries has surged the adoption of conveyor systems in the SCM process.”

Of course, it isn’t just mining and manufacturing industries that are using conveyor systems; they’ve become ubiquitous in the warehouse setting. There is a reason that this relatively simple idea is something we rely heavily on within the materials handling industry: because it works and it works well. A well-designed conveyor system can help increase warehouse efficiency by 100% or more. Plus, they are relatively easy to maintain. In general, they need to be kept clean and have parts replaced occasionally. Other than that, most conveyor systems are happy to move items moving along for years to come with little to no complaint.

Their flexibility is another reason for their popularity. Conveyor systems can be adapted to almost any situation or need. At their most basic, they are a means to move materials from one location to another; beyond that is completely customizable. We’ve helped install conveyor systems that run the length of a warehouse and ones that are only a few feet long.

Let DAK Equipment & Engineering help you get the conveyor system that your need for your warehouse. No matter what type of conveyor you need or what kind of issues you need to overcome with your conveyor systems, we can make it happen. Contact our team today and let’s get to work on the conveyor system you need!

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