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February 19, 2015

Expand Your Product Offering with Flexible Load Stop Systems

Light Bulb

Way back in 2013, I sent you a newsletter announcing a new addition to our stock offering called Adapt-a-Stop.

We decided to stock this product partly because we always want to offer you the best material to sell to your customers and partly because both you and DAK Equipment make money by having the best solutions available quickly and easily.

But we mostly added it because we think it’s pretty cool.

The manufacturer has expanded their offering so I thought this would be a good time to remind you that we have them in stock.


Good Idea? Or Great Idea?

Adapt-A-StopPallet stops are valuable things to have in many warehouses.  From protecting walls, plumbing, and conduit from pallet impacts to avoiding safety violations, load stops can add significant value to your customers.

The problem is that historically, they’ve been a pain to implement.  One piece load stops are special order items, vertical stops can’t help with floor loads and pallet stop kits involve custom bars that often need to be cut to size.

Until now.

Adapt-a-Stop With BeamAdapt-a-Stop connection brackets use a normal beam as the load stop and provide adjustable depths.

As you can see in these pictures, these brackets quickly create a pallet stop at the height and depth you want.

Adapt-A-Stop Installation

Installation of a Load Stop with Adapt-A-Stop

As you can see, this product is a great addition to your projects that require product, wall or piping protection.

I mentioned earlier that the manufacturer has expanded their line. Among the new items I can get for you are slotted and bolted/structural Adapt-a-Stop brackets as well as vertical flue space protection brackets.


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