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March 26, 2015

Help Me Choose New Products

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One of the biggest reasons I like to go to ProMat every two years is that it gives me the opportunity to look for new and useful products that we can offer you. When I walked the show floor yesterday, I found two that I think you might like.

The pointGUARD Pallet Protector

pointGUARD at ProMat

Winner of a MHI innovation award, this product extends the life of wooden pallets as much as five times.

I enjoyed meeting with Callen Cochran and learning some of the history of this device that provides protection for the top lead board and the end of the stringers of pallets. Ideally they are used for your customers that have a captive pallet environment (pallets don’t leave the facility) or a closed loop set-up (pallets that leave always return).

Watch the video to learn more:




FluekeeperFluekeeper is a lightweight, yet rigid device that maintains a 3″ flue space, required by many fire codes. It’s ideal for archive storage, furniture or mattress warehousing and hand-stack boxes.

While this is a product that’s primarily required on the West coast where regulations are more stringent, it’s possible that it will become a specification around here as well, based on a 2012 change to the International Fire Code which states “Where required by the fire code official. flue spaces in single, double or multiple row rack storage installations shall be equipped with approved devices to protect the required flue spaces. Such devices shall not be removed or modified.”

Fluekeepers are spring loaded and clip into place so installation and reconfiguration are both quick and easy.

Fluekeeper Diagram

As of right now, the decision to stock these products hasn’t been made because I would really appreciate your feedback about them. Just¬† email me at to let me know what you think. Also, if you happened to see something at ProMat that should be on this list that I missed, I’d appreciate hearing about that too.


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