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September 22, 2016

How To: Up-sell Using Our New Flue Space Pallet Stop

flue space pallet stop

If you’ve had the time to go through our new price book you probably noticed that there are many new products available to you from DAK.  I want to take a minute to discuss one of them and how you can use it to up-sell to your customers.

While pallet stops are a relatively common enhancement to selective rack systems they are usually in the form of a horizontal bar that’s connected to the back of the uprights.  Until we started selling the Adapt-A-Stop solution they were usually custom-ordered for the width of the bay as well.

This new pallet stop mounts over the flue side beams with four tek screws (included) to hold it in place and maintains 6″ clear for water penetration. The illustration below does a better job than I can of explaining how this works.

pallet stop illustration

As you can see, the mounting arms are even slotted to allow it to work with wire decks installed.  It’s also available in other flue depths but at the moment, we’re only stocking the 6 inch.


How To Sell

Here are the advantages to your customers:

  • Perfect pallet placement every time
  • Ensures compliance with fire codes
  • Stronger than standard pallet stops
  • Designed to meet International Building Code 2012 and NFPA13
  • No long lead times for custom solutions

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