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March 19, 2015

Improve Your Skills with ProMat Education Seminars

Along with the opportunity to see what’s new and exciting in the supply chain and manufacturing world from over 800 exhibitors, ProMat offers three days of free education via the On-floor seminars, and I always take advantage of the opportunity.

As I was going through the offerings, I thought I’d share what I found interesting so that you can grow your knowledge if your coming to ProMat.

Promat LogoWith 110 different sessions, it can be tough to pick out the one or two that you want to attend.  Here are the six seminars that I found that I feel can benefit a material handling dealer. You can click on each one to learn more and add it to your ProMat agenda (as long as you’re logged into the site).


Combining Standard Solutions to Solve Complex Case and Piece Picking Challenges

Improving Distribution Center Effectiveness – The Most Important Design Element

Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes and Impact on Storage Racks

Protect Your People… And Your Wallet: Safety and Guarding Solutions for the Industrial Facility

Rack Project Design: Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Considerations for the Planning and use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks

I’m planning on attending ProMat on Tuesday, March 24th and I know that I’ll be attending the Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes seminar at 10:30am. If you’d like to meet up with me during the show, that might be the best time and place.  Of course if you’re interested in visiting DAK as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, just give me a call or  email me at and we’ll set it up.


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