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December 3, 2015

Interlake Finalizes Switch to Tabbed Endplates

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As I first mentioned way back in December, Interlake has been working on switching from rivet-style connections on their beam endplates to a new tabbed style.

An update with additional information was provided in January and I also mentioned it again in April when we learned that the Interlake engineering team had made improvements to the new design that improved both compatibility with teardrop frames and the beam capacity.

Now they’ve officially made the switch to this new style and will no longer manufacture the riveted connections unless a special order is placed.

Below you’ll find the updated information about the change.

Interlake Beam Changes

Interlake rivet endplate
For decades, Interlake has been using a rivet style connection on their end plates, among them were the old style round rivet, the “new style” tapered rivet which replaced it, or the most recent squared off style which is shown on the right.

Beams with these connections are now officially discontinued.


Interlake tabbed endplate
Instead these new tabbed style connections are the default going forward and we are stocking them as a result.   Note that they are compatible with both the Interlake and Ridg-U-Rak frames that we supply for you.


There have been minor changes to the capacities on some of the beams so we’ve updated the document that we provided in earlier newsletters and blog and in the Toolkit.   As a reminder, this document contains detailed information on endplate heights by beam model, how the part numbers have been modified to reflect the change, and an updated capacity chart.


Download Everything You Need to Know About
Interlake’s Beam Changes Here

The copy of the document on the Toolkit page has also been updated for your use.  As always, if you have problems or questions, we’re here to help.


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