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April 13, 2015

Interlake Improves New Beam Endplates

punch style

Starting back in December, I’ve made a few blog posts about how Interlake is changing their beam endplates from “teardrop” rivet connections and old style round rivets or studs to a punched connection, show here to the left.

Over the last several months, the Interlake engineering department has continued to improve the new connections and I want to be sure that you stay informed about the changes as they happen.

Before we get started I want to give you the opportunity to refresh your memory about these changes in case you missed them or have forgotten some details. You can find the initial announcement and basic information in this blog post. More details are in this post and you can download the cheat sheet that we prepared back in January that includes capacity, compatibility and other details.


Compatibility Improvements

new style uprightYou may remember from the announcement email (and first blog post linked above) that when we tested the new endplates with different upright frame punching, we had some difficulty in making the new beams work with Interlake “U” punched uprights. Since then, Interlake has improved the tab connectors and the beams now work well with the squared off teardrop connections on the frames.

As a final note because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, the new tabbed endplates are compatible with the Ridg-U-Rak uprights that we stock for you.


Endplate Height Changes

One of the first things I noticed about the new beam style is that the endplates got significantly taller. While this is only really a problem for customers who prefer a beam level near the floor instead of floor loading, it was definitely something to bear in mind.

This has improved with the latest announcement from Interlake engineering for two of the beams we stock. The 40E and 50E beams both had the height and number of tabs reduced.

The 40E teardrop beam is 6″ high but the initial tabbed version was 8″ tall with 4 tabs. The recent change moved back to a 6″ high endplate with 3 tabs. Interlake tells me that the capacity remains unchanged.


The 50E has also changed. From the teardrop 6″ high endplate, the initial move to tabbed went all the way up to 10″ with 5 tab connectors. This has been reduced to a 8″, 4 tab configuration.


Remember that we’re continuing to stock the riveted “teardrop” beams for as long as possible, but Interlake can force the change to the punched connectors at any time. When that day comes, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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