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May 8, 2020

Introducing your new Dealer Sales Manager

Introducing Mark Gronek

This year marks 25 years of excellence for DAK, and as we rally around our anniversary, we are committed to building a culture of growth and celebration. Central to that culture is the addition of new team members who align with our goals. We are excited to announce Mark Gronek as our new Dealer Sales Manager.

Mark brings nearly a decade of experience in partnering with customers to help grow their business. He’s worked across a variety of industries, including Commercial Parts Distribution, Title Insurance, and SaaS. As Dealer Sales Manager, Mark is dedicated to ensuring your success in all of your projects. He will partner closely with you to make sure you are receiving all the products and services you need, on time and accurately. Mark is excited to join the DAK team because he loves forming new relationships and aligns well with our culture of growth and celebration.

Outside of work, Mark is a true sports enthusiast who spends his time managing 8+ fantasy teams for NFL, NBA and MLB. Ask him about it!

If you have any immediate needs or simply want to welcome Mark and introduce yourself, you can reach out to him personally at, give him a call at 630-335-7299 or just continue to use the email address.


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