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April 6, 2013

Make Our Warehouse Look Like Your Warehouse

Dock where DAK assembles your mechanical handling equipment

During our recent phone survey we discovered that many of you were not aware of our Dealer Remote Warehouse Program.

As a result, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of how it works.

By using your shipping labels, bills of lading and placing your company labels on two beams in every bundle, we make each of your orders from DAK look like it shipped from your warehouse. By providing you with this virtual warehouse, we make your business look bigger and help you market your company to your customers.

Don’t have labels, bills of ladings, or company stickers? No problem! Send us your logo and the information you want to appear and we’ll create them for you!

I saved the best news for last:  There is no charge for this service!

Give me a call and I’ll help you get started today.


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