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August 28, 2014

Shipping Tips and Tricks

Knowledge is Power

Along with the knowledge that’s been shared over the last couple of blog posts about making your shipments efficient and cost-effective, here are a handful of things to keep in mind:


  • Consider using local or regional shippers when possible.  They often cost significantly less than “the big guys”.
  • Always take the time to get multiple quotes.  Last week I received quotes of $404, $712, and $971 for the same shipment!
  • Provide accurate measurements of your bundles and pallets to avoid additional charges.
  • Consider using flatbeds when possible.  They are easier to load and unload, particularly for long bundles like uprights, but do require ground level access.  Shipments can be covered with a tarp for an additional charge if extra protection is needed.
    • Flatbeds can be booked at a flat rate or hourly.  Hourly rates rates often include time running empty from the terminal and back to the terminal, so get a flat rate if you can.
  • Avoid rush shipments whenever possible.  They can cost as much as 3 times more.
  • For those times that it absolutely has to be there NOW, look into dedicated or team driver options.
  • If you need optional services such as inside delivery, notifications or confirmations be sure to let the carrier know when you request the quote.  This helps in both budgeting the shipment and in freight audits later.

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