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April 4, 2014

Sweat the Small Stuff


Pretty much anytime you’re responsible for solving a problem, the little things make a difference far out of proportion to their cost or size.  When you’re designing a rack system for a customer, there are several little things that can make all the difference.

You’ll find a couple of those things below.  By anticipating the need for each of them you can avoid scrambling to solve problems and look like a hero instead.


Concrete Wedge Anchors

Concrete Wedge Anchors Yeah, I know that this one is pretty much a “gimme”, but you’d be surprised how often anchors are forgotten or ignored.

While it’s true that rack systems under eight feet tall that are used exclusively for hand-stack storage can be installed without anchors, ensuring the safety of your customer is probably worth less than $5 an upright.  For that matter, the industrial clip shelving that we talked about a couple of newsletters ago might be a less expensive hand stack solution.

Remember that anchors are usually installed one per footplate (two per frame).  However in high seismic zones as many as eight per frame could be needed.



Shims A rack system should be as level as possible to prevent problems and for the most part, modern warehouse and DC floors are up to the job.  However if your customer is in an older building, it’s worth taking a close look at the floor to see if shims may be needed.

For planning purposes, here are some good guidelines for ordering shims:

  • 8-10’H uprights-generally no shims unless the floor is bad
  • 12-16’H uprights-one shim for every 2-3 uprights
  • 18’H+ uprights-one shim per upright, but if the floor is new or known to be flat, just one shim for 2 uprights

Remember that shimming is a normal part of rack installation. The Rack Manufacturers Institute suggests that the maximum out-of-plumbness permissible is 1/2 inch for every 10 feet of height.


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