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January 27, 2017

Time to Update Your Price Book

K3 Werks

I know that the subject line might be a little scary but this is actually good news for you.

As you’ll probably recall, the price book that we released back in September introduces the K3 Werks product line.  As of today, there are now even more K3 products available.


Making the Change

If you take out your price book and look on page 6 where the K3 Uprights are listed, you’ll see that most of them weren’t quite ready to go when we published so we highlighted them in yellow and let you know that they weren’t yet in stock.

These eight frame models from 48″D x 144″H at 20,000# capacity all the way up through 48″D x 192″H at 30,000# capacity are now stocked and available for you to order for your customers.

So take out a pen or pencil and make a note in your price book so you can take advantage of the expanded product line.


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