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August 7, 2014

Too Many Beams

Interlake Beams for Custom Material Handling Equipment from DAK Equipment
Truckloads of Surplus Beams Available

Interlake recently had an over-run on some of their 47E beams and when we learned about it, we jumped on it so that our Dealer community can benefit.

These are teardrop step beams at 96″L x 4.75″H with a capacity per pair of 6,670 lbs.  The Interlake model number is IB47EH09600R.

I would love to give you a price on these right here in this email but the price will depend entirely on how many you order and when.  Volume orders always save you money at DAK and if you order a truckload before they arrive, I can increase the savings by eliminating our shipping and receiving costs.

There are several shipments arriving throughout this week so if you act fast and can use a truckload of them, I’ll be able to offer you significant savings.

Don’t need a truckload?  That’s okay.  Give me a call at 630-516-1115  and we’ll talk.


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