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February 9, 2017

You’re Invited!

we're open

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so what is the opportunity to touch and experiment with different material handling products worth?

I’m extending an invitation for you to come visit us and experience both our showroom and the warehouse that holds the material we stock for you.


Visit our In-House Show Room

Integrated within our office and warehouse facility sits a showroom full of different pallet racking, carton flow, gravity conveyors and other materials used to satisfy your warehouse needs.


Abundant with samples and information, you will also get a chance to see how these materials work together in any application. You will have the opportunity to try out beam connections, see finished products, and enjoy the company of DAK’s team, like Paige, Carolyn, Irene and the warehouse crew who work so hard to make both you and I a success.


You can also tour the warehouse and gain an understanding of how much material we stock for you and how we process your orders.  You can also examine our new line of K3 Werks pallet racking and accessories so that you can be confident in ordering it.

When you do decide to visit, please let me know when you’ll arrive so I can be sure to be here to greet you and answer questions.  We’re open from nine to five Monday throgh Friday. Just reach out to me at or give me a call at 630-516-1115 and we’ll set up your visit.


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