Discover Which Pallet You Should be Using on Your Industrial Shelves

When most people think about a pallet, they think of the traditional wooden-slat pallet that they’ve seen in countless warehouses and other industrial and commercial environments. However, these wooden pallets aren’t the only option for storage on your warehouse’s industrial shelves. There are actually a number of pallet options that might actually serve your business better.


Which Pallet Is Right For Your Product?


Wooden pallets are, by far, the most common pallets that you’ll see in industrial storage racks. They are made from inexpensive wood so they are very affordable, and they are plentiful so if one breaks or is damaged it can be easily replaced. They hold a fair amount of weight, too. Because they are the most common pallet type, most warehouses will have the equipment and storage space necessary to work with them.



Plastic pallets have a distinct advantage in their durability. They will last much longer than a typical wooden pallet, and can handle being dropped or crushed with less damage to the pallet’s structure. They are, however, a larger investment at the beginning, so they aren’t something that you’ll want to just give away to your customers. For warehouses who get their pallets back, this can be a great eco-friendly investment to have on their industrial storage racks.



Aluminum pallets are also lightweight, but incredibly strong. These will be used to move heavier items or items that are going to be on storage racks for a long period of time. Another distinct advantage of the aluminum pallet is its ability to be easily sanitized, making it a great solution for food industries and other commercial enterprises that need to ensure cleanliness of their environment.



Presswood pallets are the lightest of the pallets options listed here, but they are still relatively strong for their weight. An advantage of the Presswood¬†pallet is the fact that you can store so many of them in a small area because they can easily nest together. They aren’t great in adverse weather, though, and won’t last nearly as long as many other options.

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