The Most Flexible Warehouse Storage Solution

If your warehouse doesn’t deal in pallets much at all and instead handles more cartons, one-off items, and a number of smaller SKUs, then pallet racks are going to be a waste of your warehouse space. Luckily, though, there is an even better solution for your business: the classic industrial shelf. Industrial shelves from DAK Equipment & Engineering are designed to be tough, versatile, and affordable.


Why We Love Industrial Shelves


Built to be Tough

The industrial shelves that we sell come in two materials: steel and plastic. Both are made to be incredibly tough and built to withstand all of the demands of the typical warehouse environment.


Built to be Versatile

Industrial shelves are some of the most versatile storage you can have in your warehouse. They are easily expanded, can be outfitted with accessories to customize them to your needs, and you can even get them in a variety of colors to meet aesthetic demands.


Built to be Affordable

Industrial shelves are a very affordable storage solution. This is especially true because you can purchase exactly the amount you need and add on for more storage when you have the demand and the money in your budget.


Get Industrial Shelves For Your Warehouse Today

If you need a tough, versatile and affordable storage solution for your warehouse, contact DAK Equipment & Engineering about our industrial shelves. We’ll find the shelves you need in the color, design and quantity that you want. Fill out the form below to contact our team today!


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