How to Make a Mezzanine Work in Your Oddly-Shaped Area

Not all warehouses are perfectly square boxes. That’s especially true in crowded urban areas where you need to use whatever space is available for your warehouse, even if that means the shape is a little odd. When it comes to these oddly-shaped warehouse spaces, is there a mezzanine that will fit them? What options do you have for a mezzanine deck if you don’t have a nice square? Fortunately, mezzanines are incredibly versatile and there is a solution for every warehouse.

Have a Custom Mezzanine Made

Most mezzanines are custom fitted to the needs of the customer. That means that no matter what size or shape you need, most manufacturers are happy to accommodate your space. While this level of customization may cost you a little bit more, you’ll still be saving when compared to the expense of a construction project. Plus, the manufacturer will handle any adjustments that need to happen for sprinkler systems and guardrails.

Don’t Fill Up the Entire Available Space

You might not need to use all of the available space for a mezzanine. Instead, consider using only part of the space. You may be able to save on customization and manufacturing costs and still get the extra space that you need. You can talk to the experienced warehouse design team at DAK Equipment & Engineering to determine if a partial mezzanine is going to be enough to fulfill your space requirements. They may be able to provide you with other solutions for your warehouse to maximize your space.

Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call today to learn more about your mezzanine options!

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