Structural Components That Can Get in the Way of Your Mezzanine

If you know about all the benefits of a mezzanine level in your warehouse, then you are probably pretty sold on the idea already. They are quickly installed, affordable, and can give you more usable square footage within your warehouse without having to undergo an expensive construction project. Before you start your mezzanine installation, though, there are a number of structural items that you’ll need to take into consideration first:

  • Fire protection. Will the mezzanine interfere with your current fire protection? Will you need to install additional fire protection once the mezzanine is installed?
  • Lighting. Will the space underneath your mezzanine still have proper lighting once it’s installed? What about emergency lighting needs?
  • Safety signage. Are safety signs still visible after the mezzanine is in place? Will you need more safety signage for your mezzanine level?
  • Safety gear. Does your mezzanine come with guardrails or will you need to install those? Do you need protection equipment under the mezzanine anywhere?

These are all important questions that will need to be answered before you start installing a mezzanine in your warehouse space. Fortunately, DAK Equipment & Engineering has all the answers that you need. We’ve installed mezzanines for businesses across the United States and know what it takes to get your mezzanine installed while meeting and exceeding OSHA requirements and local laws. Give us a call today to speak with one of our project managers who can help you get answers to your mezzanine installation questions and get you on your way to having a useful, well designed mezzanine in your warehouse.

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