Conveyor Systems vs. Ball Transfer Tables: Which is Best for Your Milwaukee Warehouse?

Conveyor systems are a great way for your Milwaukee warehouse to move items from point A to point B. But sometimes you need to move items from point A to point, B, C, or D. In those instances a ball transfer unit might be the best options. Ball transfer units are a multi-directional alternative to conveyor systems, which rely on belt or rollers to move items along a path. Ball transfer units can move items along any path in any direction, giving you more flexibility when it comes to directing items.

One great application for this type of conveyor system in your Milwaukee warehouse is within an assembly station. The first person on the line can do the primary assembly and then direct items to multiple people for different finishing options. It’s also a great way to alleviate packaging build-ups on your packing line because packages can go to any number of people with minimal effort and time.

Think about the possible applications for a ball transfer table in your warehouse. if you are ready to learn more about this option or want to know if it’s the right solution for your space, give the DAK Equipment team a call. We’d love to help you find the right conveyor systems for your warehouse, whether that is a traditional conveyor system or a ball transfer unit. You can call us or contact us through our website today. You’ll be partnered with a knowledgeable DAK Equipment team member who can answer your questions and help you find the right solutions.

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