What to Do When Your Conveyor Systems Break Down

When the conveyor systems in your Milwaukee warehouse come to a stop, so does the rest of your warehouse. Your conveyor systems are what keep your warehouse moving and help orders go out quickly. When they aren’t working, you want to do everything that you can to get them going again. Our DAK Equipment team has a few suggestions that can help get your conveyor systems rolling again:

  • Look for blockages. If something is blocking one part of your conveyor system, it can bring the whole thing to a stop. This issue is more common with warehouses that deal with small items or who aren’t diligent about keeping their conveyor areas clean and free from debris.
  • Check for worn out parts. Conveyor systems have a lot of moving pieces that need to be properly maintained and replaced on occasion. If one of these parts breaks or wears down, your system will stop working. This is issue is common for warehouses who don’t schedule regular inspections on their Milwaukee conveyor systems.

If neither of these issues seem to be the problem, it’s time to call in a conveyor systems repair team. DAK Equipment may be able to help! We’ve helped many Milwaukee warehouses set up their conveyor systems and have a team that can help you repair your broken system. If your system is breaking down more and more often, it may be time to replace it. We can help with that, too. DAK Equipment offers a great selection of conveyor systems and we can help you design a layout that works for you. Call us today!

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