Keep Workers Safe on Your Tall Industrial Shelves

One of the newest trends in materials handling and warehouse management is to expand your industrial shelves up, not out. Milwaukee warehouses are using the space between their existing shelves and their ceiling to expand the available storage capacity of their warehouse. This is a trend that DAK Equipment recommends often to our customers who don’t have room within their current square footage to add more shelves, but can still build up. Of course, going higher can put employees at risk if they aren’t following proper safety guidelines when working in and around these higher shelves.

Higher industrial shelves mean you won’t be able to simply use a step ladder to reach items on the upper shelves. Along with the industrial shelves themselves, you’ll need to invest in the equipment that gets your merchandise and your people up and down. That might include an automatic lift, a forklift, extra-tall ladders, or other equipment. You’ll need to keep the safety of your team at the forefront of your mind when making these changes to your warehouse and when purchasing this equipment.

Be sure to follow OSHA and other guidelines when it comes to worker safety. If you aren’t sure about the safety implications of your extra-tall industrial shelves, work with a professional who can help you get the right shelves as well as get the right safety equipment. DAK Equipment & Engineering is ready to help! You can give us a call and get connected with a project manager who can help you with every aspect of your warehouse expansion. Talk to us today!

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