How Businesses Around the Country Are Using Their Mezzanine Deck

Putting a mezzanine deck into your Milwaukee warehouse can give you a huge increase in your square footage without actually expanding your facility. Many businesses are using mezzanine levels for a variety of purposes, from expediting shipping to increasing storage area. Here are some examples recently cited in an article from Modern Materials Handling:

  • Gilt, a flash-sale online retailer, is using a multi-level mezzanine deck for their shipping operations. They’ve turned the items sold in one day over to a robotic order fulfillment system¬†while slower-selling items are stored on the mezzanine and picked by hand. This arrangement allows them to get their first wave of orders shipped within 24 hours without worrying about reserve inventory slowing them down.
  • Home Depot is making their e-commerce business more efficient with a mezzanine deck in their warehouses. Their mezzanine is split into two areas, single line orders and multi-line orders, where all items are delivered to be packaged. This gives them the space they need to get items packaged and out the door quickly to their online customers.

If either of these examples have given you an idea about how you could put a mezzanine level to work in your own Milwaukee warehouse, give DAK Equipment & Engineering a call! We’ll help you get a mezzanine deck for your warehouse that’s the right size and help you get it set up as a shipping, picking, packing, or storage area. Our team is experienced in warehouse mezzanine levels, so call us or get in touch with us through our website today.

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