5 Advantages of Starrco Modular Offices

OMVC-starrcoinstall.JPGne of the excellent manufacturers that DAK Equipment & Engineering partners with is Starrco, makers of top quality modular offices. Starrco has been making modular offices for warehouses like yours since 1965, giving them more than 50 years of experience in the modular office industry. This gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to creating durable, useful prefabricated offices that can be used in a warehouse setting.

Discover the Advantages of Modular Offices!

You’ll Save On Your Taxes

There is actually a tax advantage to purchasing a modular office for your warehouse. When you purchase a prefabricated office, it’s considered to be tangible property for tax purposes. That means it depreciates over seven years instead of the typical 39 years of a typical building. You can save as much as $5,000 by choosing a modular office.


Installation Is Quick and Easy

Starrco modular offices are very easy to install. In most cases, they can be installed in your warehouse over the course of a weekend, so you don’t even need to slow down regular production for your new office space to be built. The installation is easy, too, because Starrco has perfected their assembly system over the last 50 years to be as easy and durable as possible.


There are Tons of Options

If you need to match existing decor, want something that matches the company aesthetic, need an HVAC system or special electrical components, Starrco has the configurations that you need. There are tons of great options that allow you to customize the look and function of your modular office. There are even plenty of options when it comes to the size, shape, and layout of your modular office so you get something that’s perfectly suited for your space.


They Can Be Customized To Your Needs

Starrco prefabricated buildings aren’t just for office space. They also make clean rooms, pharmaceutical packing rooms, guard booths, observation towers, shipping offices, machine enclosures and so much more. Whatever room requirements you have, chances are there is a Starrco assembly that will meet your needs perfectly and DAK Equipment & Engineering will help you find it.


They Are More Affordable Than Other Options

Most Starrco modular offices come out to between $20 and $40 per square foot, a significant saving over a traditional construction project. That can be a huge advantage to a company’s bottom line, especially when they are crunched for space and looking for savings. There may be other more affordable options, too, depending on the kind of room you need and the requirements you have for your space. DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you find the right solution for your space and your budget.

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