Get Your Warehouse Ready for Modular Offices

If you’ve already worked with a DAK Equipment & Engineering team member to order your modular office for your warehouse, you are probably eager to get your modular office in place so you can start using it as soon as possible. While our modular offices typically arrive quickly and are set up in just a few hours or over a weekend (depending on the size and complexity of the installation job), there are some things you can do to help make the installation process even easier:

  • Move items out of the way. Make sure you measure out the space for your modular office and ensure that the area is free of products and equipment, as well as the area around where the office will sit as well. This will give our installation team plenty of space to work. If we don’t have to wait for items to be moved, we can get your modular office set up much sooner.
  • Clean the area. Your modular office won’t be moving once it’s been installed (until you decide to disassemble it, anyway!) so now if your chance to clean the area it will be in. We recommend cleaning the floors along with any nearby walls or areas that may be difficult to access once the modular office is in place.
  • Clear a path. Modular offices require some larger pieces and we’ll need to bring those into the area. It’s helpful to have a clear path that’s big enough for use to move in the necessary product and equipment to assemble your modular office.

Your DAK Equipment & Engineering representative can go over any other items we might need you to do in order to prepare for your new modular office. Once those your done, you can just sit back and wait for your office to arrive!

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