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The Best Layout for Your Modular Offices

Now that you have a new modular office from DAK Equipment & Engineering, you need to make sure you maximize the full potential of your space. It’s easy to waste office space with unnecessary clutter, poorly thought-out layouts, and a jumble of cords hooking up all of your office equipment. We have some simple tips that can help you take advantage of your new office space and get the most out of it.


How to Use Your Modular Office Space

Look Up

This is the same advice that we give our clients when it comes to maximizing space inside their warehouses, too. Many people only think about their usable square footage as the space they have on the ground when in truth there is a lot of space to be used overhead, as well. Utilize the wall space of your modular office by installing shelves to get binders and even equipment such as printers off of the floor. You’ll end up with a more organized office space not to mention less clutter on your floor creating a trip hazard.


modular officesLight it Up

Your modular office should be well lit. Not only will this reduce eye strain on staff members working inside the space, but it will make the space seem bigger as well. Good lighting doesn’t have to mean overhead fluorescents, either. In some applications, this might be the ideal solution, but for office workers, desk lighting might be easier on their eyes. Think about how the space will be used and light it accordingly.


Control Cables

If there is one thing that can make an otherwise-neat-and-tidy modular office look cluttered, it’s the mess created by cables. Phone cables, computer cables, printer cables…the list goes on and on. Pick up a cable tidying kit at your local hardware or home supply store. This will have everything you need to organize and tie up your cables so they are hidden. Be sure that you label cords and cables, too, in order to make your life easier when it comes time to move or replace something in the future.


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