The Cost Efficiency of Modular Offices vs. Permanent Construction

We’ve talked a lot about the usefulness of modular offices in a warehouse setting, but one of the things that attracts warehouse managers and business owners alike to this versatile space solution is the low cost. Modular offices can be tailored to the needs of your space, whether you want to use them as a clean room, a break room, an office or a conference room (or a combination of all of the above!). But when it comes to modular offices, just exactly how much can you expect to save when compared to the cost of permanent construction?

It will depend on factors such as:

  • The size of the space that you need
  • Whether you have the space for permanent construction already
  • The type of construction and features you want to use
  • The sort of permits that are required in your area

Even with conservative construction estimates, though, you’ll save around 50% when you use modular offices instead of permanent construction, and most businesses save 70% or more. That’s a huge saving that can go right to your bottom line while still giving you the space that you need.

If you are interested in saving 70% or more on creating the space that your business needs to function, modular offices could be the right answer. Talk to a DAK Equipment & Engineering team member today to learn more about the modular offices we can offer you and how you can customize one to meet the needs of your business. You’ll love what this cost efficient and versatile solution can do for you!

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