Tips on Making Your Modular Offices More Welcoming

Many warehouses utilize modular offices as space for administrative and management teams, but few warehouses spend time fixing up their modular offices to become a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Most modular offices, especially the ones that we sell, look great inside and are ready to be set up with all of your office gear as soon as they are installed. But you don’t have to stop there! Here are some other ideas for improving your modular office:

  • Bring the outside in. Bringing plants into your office space can create a more welcoming environment. You’ll love seeing something green growing near you, and some studies show that the presence of plants can be soothing. Try easy to care for plants like a cactus¬†or fern.
  • Put some color on the walls. Warmer colors like red and yellow can boost worker productivity while cool blues and grays can be more soothing. If paint is out of the question, try fabric panels, curtains, or even decorative objects in your preferred tones.
  • Set up informal gathering spaces. No one wants to hang out in a meeting room. If you have the space, though, set up a small informal gathering area with comfy chairs, a sofa, and a soft glowing lamp. Your team will enjoy gathering there and it can be a great place for one-on-ones or to get take a five minute break.

Put these ideas into action and see how they transform your modular offices. Looking for other great ideas? Talk to a DAK Equipment & Engineering team member today. We’ll help you find the right solutions for your modular offices!

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