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Why You Should Move Your Office Staff into Modular Offices

At first, it might look tempting to keep your administrative and management staff out on the warehouse floor. Companies think it might help create a more cohesive team by having everyone on the floor together. They also like the idea of saving money on the cost of creating a separate warehouse space. But in reality, there are number benefits to using modular offices for your office staff.

The Benefits of Using Modular Offices

modular officeSafety

Anyone out on the warehouse floor is at a higher risk of accident or injury, particularly if they are focused on a computer monitor instead of what’s happening around them. Overhead falling debris and wayward forklifts are just two of the hazards that can be avoided in a modular office.


Increased productivity

It might seem like a good idea to have teams intermingling, but the truth is that their jobs are very different. Administrative and management teams will need to focus on their computers, paperwork, and processes. Doing that in a busy, noisy warehouse can be very distracting and lead to mistakes and a decrease in productivity.



Chances are your office team has some delicate information they need to protect. That includes payroll information, HR files, and other sensitive information. Having that out in a cubicle setting not only puts the information at risk but could make your company vulnerable to lawsuits. Having everything secured in a modular office is a much safer option.

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