Which Pallet Racks Are Right for Your Milwaukee Warehouse?

If your Milwaukee warehouse is in need of some new pallet racks, first you’ll need to decide which pallet racks are right for your space. Not all pallet racks are the same; in fact, the pallet racks that you choose can greatly influence the way that your warehouse works. Learn more about how each pallet rack works:

  • Selective pallet racks. The most common pallet racks used in Milwaukee warehouses. These racks have a single bay that can hold a pallet of cartons.
  • Drive through pallet racks. Allows your forklift to drive in and out of the racks. Each bay holds 6-8 pallets and is a great option for high capacity storage of single SKUs.
  • Pallet flow racks. These racks use a roller system that moves the pallets in back forward as pallets are removed. Carton flow racks are similar and used for boxes and cartons instead of pallets.

Which system you decide to use in your Milwaukee warehouse will depend a great deal on the kind of merchandise you are handling. Talk to DAK Equipment today and we’ll help you determine which pallet rack is the best option. We’ll look at how many SKUs you handle, the size and weight of the items you handle, and your volume and capacity. Then we’ll match you to the pallet racks that are perfect for your space!

You can reach out to our project managers by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. Our team can also help with the installation, inspection, and maintenance of your pallet racks, too! Just ask your project manager for more details.

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