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Narrow Your Aisles to Maximize Your Profits

cantilever loadedWarehouses are constantly working to meet the demands of the modern economy. Fewer warehouses are shipping pallets of items and instead picking items one by one. Customers want their orders faster. And space is always at a premium no matter where you are at in the country. One of the quickest and (relatively) easiest ways to increase the amount of storage space in your warehouse is to narrow your aisles. By moving your pallet racks and industrial shelving in closer, you accomplish a number of things.


The Advantages of Moving Racks Closer

  • Increase space for additional shelves and pallet racks for more storage
  • Decrease labor by reducing the amount of space workers need to cover to retrieve items
  • Increase the speed at which orders are processed and shipped


Are There Disadvantages?

So there are numerous advantages when it comes to narrowing your aisles. But what are some of the disadvantages or concerns that you’ll need to be aware of when it comes to this quick-fix solution for your warehouse?

  • You’ll need to make sure that your aisles are still wide equipment for equipment to operate, including forklifts.
  • Take safety into consideration. Narrow aisles can be a hazard to workers if proper safety measures aren’t taken.


Let Us Help You Find the Right Set Up

In general, narrowing your aisles can be a smart move for your warehouse. The DAK Equipment & Engineering team can help you determine if it’s something that you should do in your location. Contact us today and let’s talk about the needs of your warehouse and see if narrowing your aisles is a smart move for your business.


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