When It’s Time to Ditch Those Old Pallets

pallet shelvingIf there is one thing most warehouses have a surplus of, it is pallets. Pallets fill your pallet rack shelving, and you probably have a spare dozen or so lined up against your walls. You depend on pallets for packaging, shipping and receiving, so you never want to run short on your supply. But when it is time to ditch your old pallets?

Signs It’s Time to Toss Your Pallets

Traditional wooden pallets have a limited shelf life. They are made from cheap, untreated wood that will withstand a lot but won’t last forever. Here are some of the signs it’s time to pitch your pallet:

The wood is cracked.

This is the most common issue with old pallets and can be a danger to anyone who is using the pallet as the broken wooden pieces can cause injury to your team and your inventory.

There are missing slats.

Those slats on the pallet are there for good reason: they bear the weight of the inventory and give forklifts something to hang onto when moving a pallet around. If one or more are missing, it’s time to get a new pallet.

The wood is rotting.

Pallets get wet. While this normally isn’t a big deal, if the wood stays wet for too long it could start to rot away. That weakens the pallet and could present an issue in the near future when the pallet can’t handle the weight of the inventory.

What To Do With Old Pallets

Once you’ve cleaned out your pallet inventory, what should you do with the rejects? There are plenty of people who will be happy to take them. Pallets have become an in-demand item for craft and building projects. People are doing everything from creating accent walls to building furniture with pallet wood, which is a great way to recycle them. If you just have a few, put them out by your dumpster with a free sign on them. Chances are good that someone is going to drive by and want them. If you have a lot, consider putting a free add on Facebook or Craigslist alerting people to their availability. You’ll see them disappear in no time!

Looking For Pallet Replacements?

Once you’ve cleaned out your pallet inventory, you might find you need to pick up some new ones. DAK Equipment & Engineering carries a variety of pallets perfect for your pallet racks. We can even get you started with better long-term palleting solutions such as plastic or metal! Fill out the form below and we’ll help you find pallets that you’ll love to use.

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