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Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive-In/Drive-Through pallet racking is a unique storage solution. Loads are densely stored in lanes several positions deep, and lift equipment actually enters the industrial pallet racks structure in order to store and retrieve them. Drive-In/Drive-Through rack is ideally suited to operations where a large quantity of relatively few products is stored.

Drive-In/Drive-Through rack can be designed specifically for your needs in a multitude of heights and depths and with a wide variety of components and accessories. A Drive-In pallet storage racks contains a common entry and exit point for each storage bay. Drive-Through features access to a storage bay from either the front or back of a bay.

Is Drive-In or Drive-Through Rack the right solution for your problem?

If you:

  • Have uniformly sized pallets
  • Store seasonal items that move quickly or
  • Have a high volume of relatively few products (SKUs)
  • Want the highest density storage available

Then a Drive-In or Drive-Through system could be right for you.

Because Drive-In/Drive-Through Rack is a First-in, Last-out system, it’s not the right solution for those who need good stock rotation unless lot rotation is an option.  To solve this problem with a First-in, First-out system, visit our Pallet Flow Rack page to learn about high density storage that addresses stock rotation.

All DAK Equipment & Engineering rack solutions exceed all Rack Manufacturers Institute and ANSI standards, however because the lift trucks enter the rack structure,  Drive-In/Drive-Through systems are subject to more damage.  Well trained lift truck drivers and frequent safety inspections are an important part of owning this high density storage system.

DAK works with the premiere manufacturers in the material handling industry.  Visit our Providers Page to discover more about these best-in-class companies.


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