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Green Warehouse Systems

Environmentally sound solutions to the challenges of distribution center and warehouse design have become popular over the last decade, but did you know that “Going Green” offers benefits far beyond caring for the environment?

It’s a common and understandable misconception that implementing an eco-friendly green warehouse is too expensive and not worth the effort.  However, green construction and systems provide lower-than-industry-standard operational costs.  A 2003 study on the costs and benefits of green projects suggests that an up-front investment of as little as an additional 2% yields over ten times that amount in savings.

Eco-friendly facilities can also save money on employee-related expenses.  Green programs often provide healthier work and living environments, which contributes to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort.

Implementing environmentally sound initiatives can range from the simple (installing sensor-controlled lighting in low-traffic areas) to the complex (belt conveyors and conveyor systems designed with fewer motors and sleep mode controls).  Whether you create a more efficient floor plan for lift truck drivers or pursue LEED Certification on a new distribution center, going green is friendly to both the planet and your bottom line. We’ll show you how everything from racking systems for warehouse to your most advanced material handling systems can be more environmentally friendly.

DAK owner and president Dave Kenealy has an article that you can download to learn more.  Download “It’s Easy to be Green” here, which was written for the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association.


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