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K3 Werks


K3 Werks is DAK Equipment’s proprietary line of high quality distribution center equipment, capable of supporting all aspects and areas of your operations. This includes high density applications, safety and secure storage, cantilever, pallet and carton flow, other custom storage and more.

Our K3 Werks teardrop rack line is our most popular offering and is stocked for immediate availability. It is compatible with all other brands of teardrop rack that we stock, and is compatible with most teardrop brands, The uprights are green, the step beams are orange,  wire decks are gray, and accessories are available. The quality is 100% backed by DAK Equipment, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

3″ x 3″ UPRIGHT FRAMES 20,000 Pound Capacity @ 48″ Beam Spacing
Capacity at 48″ Vertical Beam Spacing is 20,000#
Depth Height Weight Item Number
42″ 144″ 84 K3-42-144-20K
42″ 192″ 109 K3-42-192-20K
48″ 144″ 86 K3-48-144-20K
48″ 192″ 112 K3-48-192-20K
3″ x 3″ UPRIGHT FRAMES 30,000 Pound Capacity @ 48″ Beam Spacing
Capacity at 48″ Vertical Beam Spacing is 30,000#
Depth Height Weight Item Number
42″ 144″ 102 K3-42-144-30K
42″ 192″ 133 K3-42-192-30K
42″ 216″ 149 K3-42-216-30K
42″ 240″ 164 K3-42-240-30K
48″ 144″ 105 K3-48-144-30K
48″ 192″ 137 K3-48-192-30K
Frame Accessories
Description Weight Item Number
12″ Row Spacer, Galv. With Hardware 1.3 K3-RS12
Column Protector, 12″H, Floor Mount, Yellow 11.8 K3-CP12YW
Column Protector, 18″H, Floor Mount, Yellow 15.8 K3-CP18YW
Column Protector, 24″H, Floor Mount, Yellow 20 K3-CP24YW

Column Guards are 1/4″ thick steel powder coated safety yellow. Hardware not included, use 1/2″ diameter concrete anchors

Length Cap./PR* Weight Item Number
96″ 5,000# 24.5 K3-96-5000
96″ 6,000# 27.5 K3-96-6000
96″ 7,000# 26.3 K3-96-7000
108″ 6,000# 32.9 K3-108-6000
120″ 6,000# 38.2 K3-120-6000
144″ 6,000# 50.2 K3-144-6000

*Capacity is per pair of beams with Uniformly Distributed Load

Size Capacity Channels Mesh Weight Item Number
42D x 46W 2,500# 3 2.5″ x 4″ 17.9 K3-4246-3-2500
48D x 46W 2,500# 3 2.5″ x 4″ 20.6 K3-4846-3-2500

Capacity Ratings are for Uniformly Distributed Load over entire surface of the deck

Description Weight Item Number
42″ Flanged Crossbar, 1450# cap. Galv 4.0 K3-CBF42
48″ Flanged Crossbar, 1250# cap. Galv 4.6 K3-CBF48

The K3 Werks line of material handling equipment is fabricated to our specs by a variety of manufacturers, in more than one country. We have suppliers in the US, Europe and China. Currently there are five manufacturers in our Collaborative Sourcing Model (CSM). This allows us to bring to market the best value and have multiple options for sourcing. We’re looking forward to expanding the product line moving forward and you’ll be able to find new product announcements on our blog.


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