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For high-volume order processing, a pick module is a tremendous boost to productivity. They integrate pallet storage, carton flow, conveyor systems and other technologies into a turn-key order processing unit that can decrease labor costs and pick times. Serving customers better means a huge competitive edge in today’s markets, and the right order picking systems can help you do just that.

Product loads are moved from pallet storage through the system before being broken into cartons and pieces, where they are sent to carton flow pick areas for processing and shipment. Pick module pallet storage  may include push-back, gravity flow, selective rack, bin shelving, heavy duty racking, and other storage methods.

Is a Pick Module the fix you’re looking for?

If you:

  • Have high order volumes
  • Require maximum order picking throughput
  • Believe cost is less important than gaining a competitive edge
  • Want a technologically advanced distribution system

Then a pick module is the solution you’re looking for.

To draw together the systems required to effectively implement pick modules, true systems integration is required. Hundreds or thousands of hours are required for the design and on-site management of the installation and start-up. Highly engineered rack systems, carton flow, conveyor systems with accumulation and sortation, pick-to-light or voice technology, and advanced control systems all must come together as an integrated solution.  Lighting, sprinkler, data, phone, trash removal and stairwell systems must be considered as well.

Are you interested in learning about DAK’s ability to create and implement pick modules?  Visit the case study for one of the projects that we’re most proud of.

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