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There are many good reasons for having a separate enclosed space within a warehouse or distribution center and a pre-engineered modular office can make the decision simple.  Whether you’re looking for a foreman’s office, a quality assurance and testing area or a shipping or receiving office, you’ll want that space where the action is.

Unfortunately, it is where the action is, so making the time and space for construction can often be difficult, particularly for stick-built enclosures. A prefabricated office can go up in a quarter of the time of permanent construction. In fact, modular construction can often be completed in a weekend. An additional advantage is that they are quickly and easily moved when your needs change.

Can a pre-engineered office simplify your business?

If you want any of the following:

  • A staff lunch and break room
  • Quality Assurance or Testing space
  • Management or staff offices
  • A clean room
  • A dedicated area for parts distribution

Then a modular building is the fastest, easiest and least expensive solution.

Perhaps the greatest benefit in choosing pre-engineered offices is the tax savings involved when compared to stick-built. Because modular products are considered “tangible property” instead of “real property” like conventional construction, they are depreciated over 7 years instead of 39. This results in a tax savings of over $5,000 for cost-comparable buildings.

If you’d like to learn more about these high quality offices and the many configuration options available, check out this case study or get in touch.

DAK has prefabricated offices for sale and we work with the premiere manufacturers in the material handling industry.  Visit our Providers Page to discover more about these best-in-class companies.


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