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Push Back Pallet Rack

Push back racking is a high density storage solution. Offering a similar storage density to drive in rack, push back pallet rack systems offer better selectivity and accessibility to a wider ranger of SKUs.

Pallets are stored in lanes and rest on a carts-on-rails system.  Working from a single aisle, pallets are stored by “pushing back” previously placed pallets with a new pallet on the next cart position. When the front pallet is retrieved, gravity causes the next pallet to move forward into a ready position. This “last-in, first-out” system (per lane) reduces picking time when a large number of picking faces are required.  Push back pallet racking systems can store from 2 to 6 pallets deep.

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If you:

  • Have pallets of the same size
  • Want aisle access to each pick face
  • Have a large number of SKUs
  • Want to avoid lift trucks entering the rack

Then a push back system might be what you’re looking for.

Like Drive-in,  Push Back Rack is a First-in, Last-out system,  so it’s not the right solution for those who need good stock rotation.  To get high density with a First-in, First-out system, visit our Pallet Flow Rack page.

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