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Wire Partitions

Ideal for robotic enclosures, machine guarding, pallet rack enclosures, high bay warehouse partitions, and electronics security cages, wire partitions bring both safety and security to your operation. As electronics use increases in warehouses and distribution centers, having a secure area to store devices becomes important.  Protecting staff from machinery is an important safety concern and can save tens of thousands of dollars in OSHA fines as well.

Wire mesh partitions for warehousing operations are extremely versatile.  Along with the ability to extend the height or length of your wire mesh enclosure, the sweep space can be adjusted for your particular application. These welded wire panels are strong, durable, and versatile.

Can wire partitions protect your operation?

If you:

  • Have machinery causing safety concerns
  • Need secure product storage
  • Want protected storage for electronic devices
  • Need controlled access to your facility

Then wire mesh partitions add the protection you need.

Available with hinged and sliding doors and your choice of locking mechanisms, wire mesh partitions can also be designed with a slide-up window that comes with a shelf. If you need to match a sloped roofline or work around obstacles, irregularly shaped sections are available as well.

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