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As warehouse optimization experts based in Chicago, we love knowledgeable customers. While our role is to be the experts in needs analysis, systems, services, warehouse slotting and materials handling equipment, the job of keeping things running falls to the customer’s in-house staff. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of material handling systems is crucial to a well-run, productive and safe warehouse or distribution center.

As a result, we’re dedicated to helping you learn about the warehouse solutions and products that help you store and move product, and that knowledge starts here in our how-to page. You’ll find everything from information on our pallet racking for sale to information on worker safety in the warehouse.

Many of the resources available here are in PDF format and available for download. Of course, we’re always happy to offer additional help if you have a question or a problem. Just get in touch and we’ll help you find the right warehouse plan or the information that you need to run your operation more efficiently.

DAK Knowledge News: Counting Requirements for Warehouse Racking

AbacusFiguring out how much of each piece of equipment you need can be overwhelming when you’re staring at empty space in a warehouse. While it may look daunting, there are some simple rules for getting accurate counts on basic selective rack projects. We took these rules and put them together into a single document for your use.

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DAK Knowledge News: The Art of Uprights

DKN Uprights

When aiming to optimize storage and get material off the floor of the warehouse or distribution center, we all know that our material handling solution starts with the upright frame.

Uprights seem like a simple part of the plan—they provide the framework for the beam levels of our storage solution. However, understanding frames and how they help support our material is more complicated than simply being a place to hang our beams.

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DAK Knowledge News: How to Select Pallet Rack Uprights

framesChoosing the right upright frames can seem like the easiest decision to make in designing a pallet storage solution. Simply make sure that the depth of the uprights works with the depth of your pallets and that you have enough height to store all the levels you want and you’re done, right?

Well, it’s not quite that simple.

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DAK Knowledge News: How to Select Pallet Rack Beams (Part One)

beamChoosing beams for selective pallet rack might seem to be a simple decision, but there are many things that are often overlooked. Choosing the wrong beams or failing to identify a problem in the field can present a risk of property damage and serious or fatal injury.

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DAK Knowledge News: How to Select Pallet Rack Beams (Part Two)

beam2As we began discussing last issue, choosing beams for selective pallet rack might seem to be a simple decision, but there are many things that are often overlooked. We covered Ledge Loading and Uniformly Distributed Loads, now we’ll move on to beam deflection and load clearances.

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DAK Knowledge News: All About Wire Decking

standard deckingWe all know and use wire decking in our material handling solutions to provide storage for cartons, drums, multiple pallet sizes or in situations where pallet supports just won’t work. In many cases, local fire marshals are beginning to crack down on the use of wooden planking which also leads to the use of wire decking. Improved visibility is also a plus.

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OSHA Pocket Guide:  Worker Safety Series on Warehousing

OSHA Pocket GuideThis handy 26-page booklet from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration contains valuable hazards and solutions information specific to the warehouse and DC environment.

Covering everything from docks and forklifts to hazard communications and conveyors, it also includes a number of safety checklists that can be used to evaluate and improve the risks in your facility.

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The Advantages of Bolted Rack Technology

bolted uprightsWhile bolted rack is very common in Asia and Europe, it never really caught on here, although that is starting to change.

This brochure that came to us courtesy of our oldest and most popular rack vendor, Interlake Mecalux, explains the advantages of reconsidering using bolted rack in your facility.  From less expensive freight costs on delivery to economical repairs and ease of reconfiguration, taking a second look at a bolted solution is definitely worth your while.

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